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Sunday, April 22, 2007


I'm enjoying seeing this on other journals, so why not here? Let's see if anyone gets all 10 right off the bat. I could have been way more obscure than this, but I tried to pick stuff more commonly seen, than say, The Cranes Are Flying, which you should so totally see. I did make it hard, though. I'll be surprised if someone gets them all. First person that does, maybe I'll send you a burn of Cranes. (Never mind--the 10 are guessed. Answers in the comments section.)

"Head to IMDB.com (or imdbpro, if this is your career), and look up ten of your favorite movies. List three plot keywords for each movie, and then see which of your friends can guess what movie you're talkin' bout. NO cheating, now..."

1. Cracker Jack/Interior Decorator/Based on Novel
2. Bad Teeth/Lovers on the Lam/Evil Witch
3. Game Show/Nonlinear Timeline/Male Nudity
4. Writer/Android/Gambling
5. Face Slap/Homosexual Subtext/Statuette
6. Heart Disease/Ice Hockey/Baboon
7. 1920s/Irish American Politics/Hat
8. Famous Entrance/Temptress/Character Name In Title
9. Ballet/Subjective Camera/Jealousy
10. Atmospheric/Karaoke/Butt

If you want to try to guess without seeing what other people picked and what I've confirmed, make your list before going to the comments page. And if your name is Jennifer, I ask you to once again tell us which Jennifer you are when you comment, since no one listened last time. (Though, I think I only know one Jenny, so she's in the clear.)

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Jenny said...

1. I'm choosing Breakfast at Tiffany's purely out of spite.
2. Wild at Heart?
3. Magnolia?
4. AI?
5. In and Out? Is that what it was called?
6. Wild at Heart (doye)
7. Gangs of New York?
8. Sabrina?
9. White Knights? (awesome if it is)
10. A Life Less Ordinary?

You win. I'm totally stumped on most of these, and can't get much better than a "maybe???" on most of them. I at least have some guess for most of them. And I will admit that I had help from some housemates, because I've never seen most of the ones I'm even guessing.

And at least some of your previous "jennifers" were me. Like your unnamed "Jennifer." My "blogger" account was displaying part of my google profile. I fixed it for that fist-a-cuffs thing so I could vote.

Jamie S. Rich said...

You're 2 for 10. The first 2 are right. I figured #1 was a gimme. It had to be in there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

You're #4 and my 10 are the same - i was going to use Journalist instead of writer, but went with Unrequited Love.

#5 is American Beauty.

Is #9 Talk With Her?

#8 reminds me of that old movie (forget its name) about the aging movie star (Norma Desmond?). Funnily, i've never seen it, just the Carol Burnett sketch of it.

#10 is Lost In Translation.


Jamie S. Rich said...

I should have known you'd get #10, WF.

Maybe I've made it harder than I've thought, because your other guesses are wrong (apart from #4, which you're right; I almost used "prostitute" instead of "gambling").

I will say, #s 5, 8, and 9, people need to think much older.

Greg McElhatton said...

Is #8 Cleopatra?

Anonymous said...

5 must be Maltese Falcon, then?


Jamie S. Rich said...

Yes on #5 on Wallflower, not to #8 for Greg. Oh, and by the way Wallflower, the movie with "Norma Desmond" is Sunset Boulevard. But that's not it!

A tally appears below. If you red this far, you've probably already cheated, but avert your eyes nonetheless!

#1: Breakfast at Tiffany's
#2: Wild at Heart
#4: 2046
#5: The Maltese Falcon
#10: Lost in Translation

Jenny said...

I'm so stupid. I didn't mean to put Wild at Heart for number 6. It's Untamed Heart. I got the "heart" part right. Wait, that's right, right? Marisa Tomei/Christian Slater? Is it Untamed Heart? I'm not a cheater.

I feel even stupider that the android gambling movie is something I own and have slept through.

Jenny said...

I'm currently chuckly about how The Maltese Falcon and "In & Out" have the same keywords. I convinced myself that it fit. I mean...I'm sure there's at least one face slap, and the whole movie is about Kevin Kline maybe being gay with Tom Selleck or whomever, and it's all because Matt Dillon won that statuette...

It's funny.

and don't pretend like you're not a huge fan of Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines balleting and tap dancing all over the place.

mcoale said...

9. The Red Shoes
6. Love Story
8. Jezebel

Jamie S. Rich said...

6 is indeed Untamed Heart.

I also figured Mark would come through with 9, The Red Shoes.

I actually am surprised that 7 is not catching anyone. I thought "hat" would seal it.

mcoale said...

I keep thinking it's MICHAEL COLLINS, but I know it's not right.

And, to jump on the bandwagon, here's my list:


mcoale said...

I am a dope. I kept reading it as "Irish politics" and not "Irish American politics."

Is it Miller's Crossing?

Jamie S. Rich said...


Anonymous said...

"Game Show" - ugh! #3 = Confessions Of A Danerous Mind.


Jamie S. Rich said...

That just leaves #8.

Flower, have you checked out Mark's list? It's a doozy.

mcoale said...

I want to guess "network" for # 3, but I don't think it's right.

nonlinear? I dont remember a game show in Pulp fiction? Momento?

8 -- The Third Man has a temptress, but that's not the character whose name is in the title.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Mark, Wallflower got #3. But there is a tangential Welles connection in #8 (though he was not involved with the film).

Jamie S. Rich said...

Maryanne Snell e-mailed me the answer to #8, and it doesn't surprise me she knows. So, here are my ten:

#1: Breakfast at Tiffany's
#2: Wild at Heart
#3: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
#4: 2046
#5: The Maltese Falcon
#6: Untamed Heart
#7: Miller's Crossing
#8: Gilda
#9: The Red Shoes
#10: Lost in Translation

Maryanne's own tough list: Making it Up as I Go

mcoale said...

Oh, that's the Welles connection.

I haven't seen it recently enough to remember the famous entrance.

Anonymous said...

People are having trouble with the last three of mine:


Maryanne said...

What'dya know, I actually can comment!

Chynna said...

Okay, I thought about these a while and I know I got some of them wrong anyway, but here goes:

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
2. Wild At Heart
3. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
4. Naked Lunch? I can't figure this one out, maybe I haven't seen it...
5. Maltese Falcon? (My genuine first thought was Goonies, 'cos they knock off the dong on the statuette, and one of the brothers slaps Sloth or something, but then I remembered you don't have any taste so I figured it must be Maltese Falcon)
6. Untamed Heart
7. Miller's Crossing
8. Gilda
9. An American in Paris?
10. Lost in Translation

Jamie S. Rich said...

That's pretty damn good, Chynna. 8 out of 10. You missed 4 (2046) and 9 (The Red Shoes). That's impressive.

Chynna said...

Ah, I haven't seen those two. Netflix, ho...!

Jamie S. Rich said...

American In Paris is a really solid miss on that one, though. Particularly since my answering machine message is currently a soundbite from the film...