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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Okay, there's not really much lust in these movies. Maybe a little. But it made a good title. It's my hoax on you!


* Black Book, in which Paul Verhoeven tries to make us think he's an artist, and only partially succeeds

* The Hoax, in which Richard Gere tries to makes us think he's an actor, and he made me believe. Could that be a bigger con than the one portrayed in this excellent movie?

* Grindhouse, in which many heads explode. My reaction may surprise longtime readers of this blog (you know, people who were here last week). Did Tarantino make it happen, or was my earlier post right?

You should also read David Walker's review of Grindhouse. Just like on 300, we fall on opposite sides in really interesting ways. He also has greater insight into the tradition the movie is referencing.

No DVD reviews this week. Such is life.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your Grindhouse assessment. Planet Terror was all punk-pop, and Photoshop filters. It moved the crowd though. And people were actually walking out during the second flick. It's a shame because that was some fierce dialogue. I loved the collective sigh of disappointment wafting through the audience when the missing reel gag reared it's ugly head in Deathproof...