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Monday, April 23, 2007


A link has been going around today for Paul Gravett's profile of one of my favorite cartoonists, Francesca Gherhmandi. I have most of Francesca's work, even though a good portion of it I can't read because no one's ever published English versions. This includes photocopies of the bulk of Pop. 666, the serialized translation of which never finished (as far as I know; I'd love to be wrong, because my copies are in Italian). Look for the Pastil/Pastille series. The first two are entirely silent, and so no language barrier.

On the subject of comics, my boy Ian Shaughnessy's debut graphic novel, Shenanigans, is on sale this week. Drawn by Mike Holmes, published by Oni Press, it's a funny and touching pastiche of the Billy Wilder-style of storytelling. Part Irma La Douce, part The Apartment, yet all Ian.

Though, I must say, I don't want to be mean, but it has a cameo by me, and I may be the ugliest I've ever looked in any comic book:

That could just mean it's the most realistic I've ever been drawn, though. That's supposed to be Chynna in the middle, and allegedly that's Jenny Sireci on the right.

You may recall Ian and I discussed this book in the Missy Elliott entry of Permanent Records way back when. Well, now you can, and should, buy it.

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Jenny said...

I think you'd die before leaving the house with your hair looking quite that way. It's very...Vanilla Ice. And I'd like to request that my cans shrink to that size. Please.

Jamie S. Rich said...

We all kind of look like John Travolta in Hairspray. Though, Chynna is considerably less mannish here than in real life.

Jenny said...

yeah. I see what you mean, about the John Travolta thing. Horrifyingly true.

Maybe Mike's afraid of Chynna, and didn't want to show her 'stache. Maybe he's afraid of her 'stache.

Chynna Clugston Flores said...

It's pretty sad when I'm more of a man than Jamie and Mike put together.

My moustache is pretty.

Mike Holmes said...

Chynna - I figured I'd be diplomatic, so I drew a moustache on myself instead. We can have a stache-off in July, if you want.

Jenny - I'll get it right next time, promise.

Jamie - I drew this before San Diego, BEFORE I knew what you looked like drenched in beer.