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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


People don't underestimate the value of a book being the library system. In Portland, for instance, they might buy a copy of my book for eight or more different branches, and if you think that each city across the U.S. could do the same, that adds up. This not only is a sales increase, but it also puts my material in an accessible place, allowing me to pick up new readers.

So, if you use your library at all, or even if you don't, consider requesting they get in Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? (ISBN: 978-1-932664-73-7). If you regularly visit a branch, they probably have request forms. You can also look online, as so many of the library systems now have internet databases. I love the one here in Portland. I reserve the books I want online, and they e-mail me when they come in. (And my home-towners, don't ignore this message. They don't buy my books automatically and don't show they have ordered Horizon as of yet.)

Please, take a moment and look and make the request if it's needed. It should only take a couple of minutes, and if you like my stuff, this is a way you can directly help get it in more hands!

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Maryanne said...

Done and done. Our library has a section on their site where you can recommend books for them to purchase- I put in all of yours and it took less than 3 minutes. Super easy. I'd been meaning to do that for a while now. Although, my autofill in Safari filled in the rest of I was Someone Dead, so maybe I'd already done that one. Who knows?

They have a bunch of your translated manga in the system under your name.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Yeah, the first time I talked to my local librarian about my stuff, those manga kind of confused the issue. I wish I could somehow get my name out of databases for those and for some of the books I edited. Not that I want to disown them, and I suppose when people are searching, they lend a hand...but it does clutter up things.

Heather said...

I work in a college library and in the past year I got them to order both Cut My Hair and The Everlasting so that I could read them. (And I loved them, by the way.)