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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


As was let slip in that recent interview, there is a Love the Way You Love collection forthcoming. It has had some burps and hiccups on its way to publication, but Love the Way You Love, Side A: Songs of Faith will put the first three issues under one cover and hopefully be out at the end of September, in time for Stumptown. This has not yet been in Diamond Previews, but bookstores already have the ability to order it, and as far as I know the details in the Amazon listing are correct: $11.95, ISBN-10: 1932664661 vs. ISBN-13: 978-1932664669. The comic book store situation will be fixed toot sweet, I am sure.

It's going to be a pretty straight collection, about 200 pages. We are going to have two new pages of filler comic strips to patch some pagination holes. A new "Behind the Scenes" cartoon and a new Polar Opposites. Marc Ellerby has promised to post these online for those who already have the issues. He's good like that. All about sharing and playing nice.

Speaking of playing nice, author and comics scribe Cecil Castellucci has blurbed us! "Sweet, sassy and star-crossed, Rich and Ellerby know just how to make an indie girl’s heart sing for her rock and roll boy."

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