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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Okay, first up, I have uploaded a gajillion photos. I have my own group where you can see all of mine, though I have also added some to the massive SDCC 2007 pool. I had to unexpectedly update my Flickr account to do this, costing me $25. So, I'm going to do a rare suggestion of maybe dropping a tip in my Paypal account as a gesture to keep this blog as up-to-date technologically as I can. No pressure. Just use my golightly[a]confessions123.com addy. You'll be put on a list that I promise will eventually get something special some day, as soon as I figure out what that special thing is.

Yeesh, that was uncomfortable. Anyway...

I barely every buy anything at comics shows. Here are my three purchases for this year:

* Belle du Jour by Bill Presing
* Edison Steelhead's Lost Portfolio: Exploratory Studies of Girls & Rabbits by Renee French
* The Con-exclusive THB by Paul Pope

I wish I had bought the new Clio Chiang sketchbook. Joëlle picked it up Sunday and I meant to get over there, but I forgot. I also forgot to seek out Cliff Chiang. As far as I know, there is no relation. They just both rule.

These are the books I had come out at the show:

Expect to start seeing them in shops in the next two weeks. They both came out amazing. I am over the moon. Love the Way You Love vol. 5 has a minor glitch, with a chapter-ending caption from #4 appearing in the middle of #5, apparently left in the design template by a certain someone, but it shouldn't hopefully harm anyone's enjoyment of the issue.

Joëlle was selling two sketchbooks: the leftovers from our appearance at CAPE in Dallas last May, and one she made exclusively for the show.

There are still limited quantities available. E-mail me if you are interested. $6.50 each including postage, $12 for both. She makes a different one every time, so if you bought the other one I sold earlier this year, that was the Emerald City edition. Same cover as the SDCC, different content.

She can also make more You Have Killed Me shirts. Inquire about those, too. I will take orders and then confirm with you that the merchandise is available and set up payment.

I should have brought home some of Marc's wares to sell for him over here. I am so brainless sometimes.

I also neglected to mention last time that there were some good business happenings, at least one for each of us at the show, and there will be news soon, hopefully, regarding some stuff with Love the Way You Love and in the long-term, maybe a surprise outside project or two. So, not as cynical as I was earlier about the whole thing, now that the clouds are clearing from my mind.

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