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Friday, August 03, 2007





* Becoming Jane, sets Jane Austen a-spinnin' in her grave. Anne Hathaway nobly tries to prevent the dizzy spells, but it's hopeless.

* The Ten, a smug indie comedy about the Ten Commandments from one of the Stella guys, which I'd say is the worst movie I've seen this year. Et tu, Paul Rudd?

* * *

Thanks to the couple of you that were able to come down to the street fair at the last minute yesterday. The whole thing came together very fast. It turns out that it was a First Thursday celebration of the completion of the light rail, getting construction off of 5th and allowing businesses to get back to business. Oni Press was actually set up at the Floating World table while Jason ran the gallery show inside. I popped my head in for a second, saw Corey and Brandon's excellent work, and then popped back out.

There was actually no shortage of traffic there. Most people weren't out to spend money, and many of them were baffled by the fact that we were hawking comics (and more baffled by my novels sitting in the pile), but we sold a few things and it was a chance to talk with a lot of people we normally wouldn't see at comics shows. My sales were good enough to make the five hours worth it, and Joe Nozemack did a lot of networking. At the very end it almost looked like a fight was going to happen, when as we left a drunken meathead backed into Joe's dolly full of boxes while Joe shouted for him to watch out. He was ready to call it a no harm, no foul, though he kept saying, "Oh, that was bad, that was bad." His friend tried to egg him on, but we kept walking and it settled. Never underestimate the potential for violence at an art event.

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