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Monday, August 06, 2007


Well, well, well, guess what goes on sale this week?

Here is the Oni site.

Read an exclusive preview of chapter 2.

I'm also editing Andi Watson's new Image series, Glister, which is 100% adorable all-ages ghost comics.

Andi has a Yahoo group where you can get a free preview.

In other links...

A new review of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her is up at Savage Critic, coutesty of Graem McMillan: "What tempted me in the first place, and turned out to be the best thing about the book, was Joelle Jones' artwork, which is graceful and cartoony in the best ways, letting the characters act in ways that support (and, in some cases, gloss over rough patches of) Jamie Rich's dialogue"

Also, take a look at this excellent Variety article about Oni and other comic folks and their journey toward the silver screen.

Current Soundtrack: various from Lee Hazlewood performing with Nancy Sinatra. I shall call you Sand. R.I.P.

Current Mood: mourning all this death

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Mason West said...

I haven't mentioned that I really liked the way the cover turned out. I did. Even with the question mark.