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Friday, August 10, 2007


Happy Birthday, Marc Ellerby!

The confessions123.com site has been dismantled, and depending on how you got here, you may notice that you're actually now at confessions123.com if you're actually on the blog right now. (Due to how my domain is hosted, the blogspot addy is also still in effect.) I wanted a more concise and obvious website for myself, the Lance joke that never really took off was lingering far too long. Eventually, I'll restore this to a full-service Jamie Rich base of operations, but that will have to wait until I figure out what I want and then figure out how to make it happen.

In the meantime, I've upgraded this place with links on the side and a little advertisement for myself courtesy of Amazon.

To entertain you, however...they have leaked the real cover for Popgun, the Image anthology Joëlle Jones and I have a story in. It's by my very own Mike Allred!

And speaking of websites, two of my favorite artists have just started sketchblogs. Click Joëlle's name above and you'll be taken to hers. But you know who else?

Chynna Clugston.

That's right. This girl:

Who draws stuff like this:

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Mason West said...

I don't know if that Amazon ad will help you or hurt you. Look at those "best" prices.

I Was Someone Dead: $2.99
Cut My Hair: $3.15

Don't they know you've gotta eat?