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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Sarah Grace McCandless reveals my dirty secret on her blog!

In my defense, it had peanut butter and jelly filling. Yes, jelly in the middle! It's a miracle I look so fit.

And she's the one with a cupcake problem. Today she made me go to Saint Cupcake to enter her in this. That's right. She wants to win a cupcake a day for a year from a store on the other side of the country from where she lives. It's sick!

In other news, this little Martin Scorsese-directed commercial has been doing the rounds today. I love Marty, I love Hitch, and I love champagne. How can it lose?

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Sarah Disgrace said...

I am but a puppeteer. Is that even how you spell puppeteer? Well, whatever - I can't believe you actually went to Saint Cupcake on behalf. You're so in my next book - and I mean more than just the acknowledgments, wedged somewhere between Tina Fey and Tim Gunn. Oh yes, my friend - you have earn an actual chapter mention. Let the cupcake games begin!

Christopher said...

Heartening to know cupcakes are big in Portland, too. There's a relatively new cupcake place in my 'hood called Trophy Cupcakes:


...which also makes a version of the PB&J cupcake--PB&J frosting, PB cake, and jelly inside. Delicious! Best cupcakes I've ever had, but sounds like Portland has a bounty of great ones. Anyway, next time you're up here, we must feed you the Trophy cupcakes to see how they stack up against Cupcake Jones (sure to be my first destination next time I'm down PDX way).

odessasteps said...

That Scorsese thing is pretty cool.

I guess that "was" the sequel to North by Northwest, with the Roger O Thornhill hankerchief and the look-a-likes for Eva Marie St and Leo G Carroll.