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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


In stores today, Madman Atomic Comics #6, edited by moi. Click the image for a preview.

And thanks to whoever bought a camera using an Amazon link from my site. Your purchase alone puts me over the $10 mark required for me to get a rebate at the end of this quarter. In case folks don't know it, any time you buy something from Amazon after clicking on one of my links, they give me a small referral fee. It buys me things and costs you nothing! :)

Current Soundtrack: Kent, Isola

Current Mood: irritated


Marc Ellerby said...

So...Kent, eh?

Jamie S. Rich said...

They were recently a topic of discussion, so it inspired me to dig out my CD. I am sure you don't like them, though. They have melodies and stuff.

Marc Ellerby said...

Hmmm, they do lack barking, that's for sure.