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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Well, I couldn't find a photo of the cover or an official announcement of the Tokyopop manhwa I thought I was supposed to be working on today. I e-mailed my editorial coordinator last week to confirm deadlines and such, but she was on vacation, so when I decided to get to work yesterday I thought I was getting a jump on my schedule.

Turns out it's a bigger jump than I thought, as the title is delayed and another title is being moved forward. That's not due until February 1, though, so I am finishing the script I started and will be ready to go whenever this first one comes back around, and I'll deal with the other in a week or two (I have a Udon title due the week before that).

Tomorrow, back to my own stuff.

Someone pointed me to the Comic Book Database--like IMDB, but for comics. I am on there, so is Joëlle Jones, and Marc Ellerby.

Marc updated today to say he is still dealing with his Repetitive Stress Injury. So, no new date for Love the Way You Love vol. 6. By the time it's out, we're going to look something like this:

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Anonymous said...

Holy chit Jamie! I had no idear you've worked on so many things! :)

Jamie S. Rich said...

I've been around the block a few times. And some would say the block has been around me, too.