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Saturday, January 26, 2008



* The Air I Breathe, which I recommend with reservations. The movie works 3/4 of the time, using the "everything is connected" technique to create a neat crime film before tumbling over the pretentious ledge.

* Taxi to the Dark Side, a must-see documentary that brings home the torture scandals in Iraq with chilling results.


* 2 Days in Paris, Julie Delpy's writing and directing debut. Good in spite of itself. The main characters are both interesting and annoying.

* Inside the Smiths, an amateurish documentary about the rhythm section of the Smiths. Interesting for fans, maybe, but not much of a film.

In reflection, particularly thinking about that extra segment with Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke together, Rourke seems a little uncomfortable in the situation, probably because he laments the loss of his long friendship with Johnny Marr more than he cares about recognition or money. On the other hand, Joyce is clearly getting off on being in the spotlight, and I'd daresay craves it. His "aw, shucks, I just love the band" demeanor brings to mind Pelle Carlberg's song "I Touched You at the Soundcheck"--the title a reference to the Smiths song "Paint a Vulgar Picture," Morrissey's withering portrait of rock 'n' roll has-beens. "You told me you weren't the kind of dude/ telling people 'I was in the Smiths all the time"/ later I heard you for the third time/ repeating the same phrase" [forgive transcription errors]. Ouch.

If this works, you should be able to listen to Carlberg's song:

Pelle CarlbergI touched you at the sound check

* Love*Com the Movie, another live-action adaptation of manga with more cliches than good ideas, despite a gung-ho performance by Ema Fujisawa.

* Miss Julie - Criterion Collection, an engrossing 1952 adaptation of August Strindberg. (Also at Criterion Confessions.)

* This Sporting Life - Criterion Collection, Lindsay Anderson's portrait of a footballer with more strength than sense. Richard Harris is amazing. (Also at Criterion Confessions.)


This week's review written specifically for the site is:

* Fat Girl, Catherine Breillat's divisive coming-of-age tale. I also reveal its secret connection to my novella I Was Someone Dead.

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ADC said...

2 days in Paris sort of felt like leftovers from the material she wanted to use in the Before Sunrise movies....