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Sunday, January 13, 2008

YOU'RE NO ROCK 'N' ROLL FUN: Karaoke Edition

Last night my friend Eliza and I went to Tennessee Red's. We had never been, and another of my friends, Jacq Cohen, was having a joint birthday party there with a couple of people, and so it sounded like fun.

I declare that venue a bust. Though Lee from Top Shelf managed to get off a couple of songs, as did Scott Allie and Chris Warner from Dark Horse, three of the six songs Eiza and I tried to do got denied for disc problems, which is not a good ratio. Particularly since we had already tipped the KJ when we put the songs up. Plus, the singing area is right under the ceiling-mounted speakers, so all the audio is being projected away from you. That makes it very difficult to hear cues, or even your own voice.

I did manage to try the Naked Eyes version of "There's Always Something There to Remind Me," and then I went with my safety and did Spandau Ballet after my Wham selection was shot done. Without Joëlle with me, I thought I could take a stab at "Careless Whisper," but apparently her lock on that is too tight that it extends to her heavily felt absence.

Eliza sang a slithery "Like a Prayer." By the by, Eliza is she who texted with that totally wizard comment the other day, her true goal in that to wriggle her way into Karaoke Watch.

Quote of the evening: "Jamie, if he were anything more than what he is..." You'll find it is a phrase that will come in handy, you insert it just before pointing out something apparently other men can do that I cannot.

Best trail-off of the evening: "We always thought you were asexual, Jamie, but..." The sentence was never finished. The person was called to the microphone. This is why I normally travel in the same packs, I know more of what I am in for!

Special thanks to Shannon Wheeler for providing post-bar karaoke video games.

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