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Friday, January 18, 2008


If the monster from Cloverfield mated with the girl from Teeth, the result might be...

Oh, Sheela-Na-Gig! You exhibitionist!


* Cassandra's Dream, another solid morality play from Woody Allen.

* Cloverfield, the most hyped movie of the last six months is the most boring movie of the new year. Don't believe the hype, Confessors, this one is laaaame.

Plastorm is on this, too, as his review will attest. It was a moment of relief at the end of the screening when we looked at one another and realized we weren't alone in our pain.

* Honey & Clover, an average live-action adaptation of the Chica Umino manga.

* Teeth, another loser, a horror movie with satiric designs that veers a little too close to what it professes to hate.


* Johnny Suede, the darkly comic indie hit of 1992 marks the starring-role debut of Brad Pitt, but a is a pomaded souffle that has fallen flat with age.

* Postwar Kurosawa - Eclipse Series 7, bringing five of the Japanese master's early style-defining movies together to show his artistic growth after WWII.

Postwar Kurosawa is also up at Criterion Confessions. This is one of those weeks where I'm taking a pass on a blog-exclusive new review, letting the cross-posting bolster the content. Given the size of the Eclipse set, and also that I have two of the Criterion discs due for release this coming Tuesday also in my review pile--and those reviews are likely to go up this weekend--there is a slew of fresh content about to happen.

Toshiro Mifune will tame them all.

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1 comment:

ADC said...

I spent most of Cloverfield looking off screen, fearing motion sickness would get the best of me.

They should've just put it up on youtube or something. It would've been more groundbreaking.