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Monday, April 14, 2008


That little howler monkey Marc Ellerby is about two days done from putting the last tones on Love the Way You Love #6. In celebration of that, he shares a side-by-side comparison of the issue's flashback to #1 on his blog.

That was actually a scene James and I had him redraw a couple of times already back in the day, so I guess it was cruel of me to make him revisit it. I honestly didn't think about it when I wrote the script. I was too busy feeling guilty about making him draw medieval knights and mountain climbing.

Just a reminder, Love the Way You Love #6 is available in June, and the Diamond order code is APR08 4036.

Also, I updated my blog sidebar with links to Tally and Renee French. Ahoy, girls!

And check Joëlle's blog for a colored page of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. It was done by one of our friends just messing around. Pretty neat, though. It looks like the German edition of the book is going to be out in June, and we're about to do an interview for it. I'll eventually post that here, since we'll be doing it via e-mail in English.

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