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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hey, Portlanders! The Rocopocalypse Comics Collective is having an art show this Thursday, May 1, as the First Thursday show at Tender Loving Empire.

You should come by and check it out.

I know a couple of the artists in the group, and I picked up their new anthology minicomic at Stumptown over the weekend. It's all stories themed around the name of their group. It's a lot of fun, and shows all of the artists are really developing. It's not available yet on their site, but I am sure they will have it at the gallery--especially since some of the art on the promo image is from the mini.

Also check out their release by BT Livermore, The Life and Times of Baby Otto Zeppelin.

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robert said...

the art in that flyer is fantastic!

Maryanne said...

Do you happen to know whose art is in the upper right(The space looking girl)? I'd like to see more, but can't figure out who it is on their website.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Upper right is Terry Blas, whom I don't think you met at San Diego.