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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


* Marc Ellerby has restarted his "Ellerbisms" comic strip, which sounds kind of like an explosion that happens in your brain, probably brought on by listening to a bunch of crunchy music full of barking. You can read it at his site, MarcEllerby.com, where he has also leaked the following cover images from the inevitable Side B collection of Love the Way You Love. Preorder it off Amazon, if you so desire, or expect it in the August Diamond catalogue.

* I am running three eBay auctions for Joëlle Jones, and you can check them out on my seller's page. It includes a Gen13 drawing and two pages from 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. Scoot over to her blog for an updated price list for her pages and commissions.

* The Stumptown Comics Festival is this weekend, and though I am not setting up, I am sure I will be wandering around at least on Saturday. In anticipation of that, Joëlle and I will be attending the Get Graphic benefit on Thursday. I've donated a complete signed set of Love the Way You Love to the auction, and Joëlle has given them a 12 Reasons page, so come down to buy. (It's the last page of reason 5, and I may feel compelled to bid on it myself. It's a nice one!)

* Free Comic Book Day is May 3, and we will be officially attending CAPE 4 in Dallas, Texas. Other guests include Chynna Clugston, Ian Shaughnessy, Jason Pearson, Gail Simone, David Mack, and many more. We'll have our books, and Joëlle will be doing sketches. Contact me if you want to try to get an advance booking for one of her drawings.

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