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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Writer Richard Bruton has written a lovely review of 12 Reasons Why I Love Her for the Forbidden Planet website. You can read the whole thing here, but sample a couple of choice quotes now:

This carries on through the book, with Rich managing to structure it beautifully well, setting up big reveals and partial truths and never really letting us know which way it’s all going to end. Which is just as it should be. With some work the linear story is assembled, but Rich has written it in a clever way to leave the ending, just like real life, open and vague. I like d that very much. After all, why can’t comics be just as difficult and troublesome to resolve as real life?

Unbelievably this is Joëlle Jones’ first professional artwork in comics. It’s simple, expressive, sensual, beautiful, resonating, emotional and many more. I could just spend another paragraph finding the words. But just take it as a stunning art find. The fact that you barely notice her art at first, it so seemlessly blends with the story as to make it one and the same, is no fault, merely an indication of how well she tells this story. But she doesn’t just rely on one style in the book. Granted, most of the art is very clear, thick line work, but there are three vignettes where she switches to something softer, even using washes at one point. The effect is lovely.

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