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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Made some decent work progress this week. It's amazing how nice and quiet it gets when Comic Con is on. Someone should seal up that convention center like the witch's oven in "Hansel & Gretel" and never let all them geeks out.

I wrote somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 words on 5 1/2 this week, bringing the total word count to 13,745. It's hard to be entirely accurate as in addition to moving forward with the narrative, I also spackled and repaired some holes. Much sketching and notetaking was also completed. I am thinking of taking these updates off of a weekly schedule, however, as they make me overly concerned with producing a good number when I had set out on this novel with the intention of taking my time with it. I may only add updates when I have other writing things to talk about.

"Yet, what are ghosts if not metaphors? Are we all not haunted houses, wandering around with our pasts rattling like the chains of Jacob Marley, shackled with our misdeeds and fearful of a lonely future? I was heading back to high school, to see people I had left for good eighteen years ago. Are these not ghosts?

Screw it. Drink up!

Current Soundtrack: Spiritualized, NPR stream of the 7/25/08 show in Washington D.C.

Current Mood: haunted when the minutes drag

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