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Monday, July 21, 2008


Collecting the beginning of the innovative new Mike Allred series, edited and featuring an introduction by yours truly.

This includes the infamous issue where every panel is drawn in a different artist's style--sometimes more than one, even.

Mike and I were trading lots of e-mails yesterday, discussing Alain Delon (Mike's twin), Catherine Deneuve, and that 12-page script I wrote, called "Last Night the Atomics Saved My Life." Right now, we're talking about it being a side story in a forthcoming issue of the Madman Atomic Comics series, but that's not final. He may draw it himself, but he really wants Joëlle to do something for the series, so expect to hear more about that as we get closer. Anything could happen at this point.

By the by, looks like Popgun didn't make it for a release this week, at least not according to the Diamond Comics shipping list. That may be next week, then, as well as Madman #11.

Look for Madman goodies and a Red Rocket 7 postcard in San Diego at the Image booth if you're going to Comic Con this weekend.

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Chris Collins said...

Out of curiousity, would you have written the script differently knowing that Joelle might draw it? Was the script written for Mike? Or are your scripts not artist specific?

Chris C

Jamie S. Rich said...

In the case of my own stuff, I'd have written it differently if I had an artist on board; in this case, I could not be sure, so wrote it more toward the universe/property since I felt it needed to fit in with the Snap City aesthetic. There were notes to Mike, but they were continuity things.