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Saturday, July 05, 2008


Let me not be too consumed with this world
Sometimes I want to go home
and stay out of sight for a long time

These Are the Sad Songs

1. The Charlatans - "My Name is Despair"
2. Engelbert Humperdink - "A Man Without Love"
3. Tim Hardin - "Black Sheep Boy"
4. Spiritualized -"Death, Take Your Fiddle"
5. Tex Ritter - "High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)"
6. Violent Femmes - "See My Ships"
7. The Smiths - "Frankly Mr. Shankly"
8. The Trash Can Sinatras - "I Know It's Over"
9. The Bad Habits - "My Days Are Numbered"
10. Low - "Murderer"
11. Arcadia - "Missing"
12. The Yardbirds - "Ten Little Indians"
13. Tim Hardin - "How Can We Hang on to a Dream?"
14. The Coral - "Who's Gonna Find Me?"
15. Midlake - "Van Occupanther"
16. Gallon Drunk - "Lost and Alone"
17. Eva Cassidy - "Kathy's Song"
18. Violent Femmes - "Nothing Worth Living For"
19. Joy Division - "Atmosphere"
20. Low - "Sunshine"
21. Suede - "Heroin"

Current Soundtrack: Midlake, The Trials of Van Occupanther

Current Mood: gloomy

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Unknown said...

DUDE. Next time I'm in Portland, we are totally doing a shoot where we're replicating that 8 1/2 poster with you as Mastroianni.

Jamie S. Rich said...

I was pretty surprised to look at it again and realize, "Shit, that looks like me." I'd love to be Marcello!

By the way, since one person has already expressed concern for my well-being, this posting was not a cry for help. I started my fifth-and-a-half novel officially yesterday, and this was my way of saying so. The playlist is dark, because the book will be dark. It's going to make Horizon look like a laugh-a-minute comedy.

Santiago said...

Heh. You also had me worried for a moment there Jamie... so I'm actually glad that it's all good news!

(oh, and awesome sad songs list!)

Jamie S. Rich said...

How delicate do people think I am?!

Santiago said...

Heh. I believe it's all about the context... when there is none people with a little imagination let it go wild (guilty as charged!)