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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today was a day of surprising happenstance.

First, on the way to a screening of the new Woody Allen movie, in front of PGE park, I ended up walking behind someone whose bag had the 12 Reasons Why I Love Her and Everlasting buttons on it. I was quite surprised to see my own buttons and was trying to process what to say that wouldn't make me totally lame as I walked past him (I was hurrying). The very simple "Nice buttons" didn't occur to me until too late. That would have served as an innocuous compliment that could have been funny had he actually recognized me but no big deal had he not. (Though, his bag was hanging over his ass, so he might have seen me pointing and thought I was saying, "Nice butt." "Dude, how creepy! Jamie S. Rich just hit on you!")

Second, I was walking home, and I see this guy with sort of indie punk hair across the street giving me a strange eye. Is that...? Noooo, he lives in New York. Ah, but it was Andy Greenwald, author and journalist and the man who made me listen to both Dashboard Confessional and My Chemical Romance so that I could endure the slings and arrows of hipper than thou youngsters (*kaff kaff* Ellerby *kaff*). He and his wife were in town and leaving that evening, and I happened to find him just outside his hotel. What are the odds?

He wasn't wearing any of my buttons, though I know I have one of his Miss Misery badges around here somewhere. I was also impressed by how his wife was able to so smoothly score free samples of gin, as well as how many stories I just happened to tell about being ejected from places for being too drunk. I'm such a lush!

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