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Monday, July 07, 2008


A few links relating to recent blog topics:

* David Denby writes one of the only unqualified raves I've read of Hancock for The New Yorker. Worth reading if for no other reason but to get a look at what he sees as the film's central metaphor.

...it seemed clear that this year’s big summer movies, however spectacular, had lost all interest in making even a minimal emotional connection to the moviegoer. But “Hancock,” starring Will Smith, is a surprisingly resonant spectacle that places three people with recognizable feelings in the middle of a wild fantasy. For one thing, “Hancock” has the grace to acknowledge the audience’s increasing impatience with digital wonders.

Follow the link for the rest.

* My good friend Greg McElhatton loves Patsy Walker: Hellcat, too!

There a great point where halfway through, one of the locals says, “You’re a kook, but I like you.” That really sums up the first issue of Patsy Walker: Hellcat; she’s a nut, but she’s also immensely likable.

Need I say more?

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