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Friday, April 24, 2009


I should have waited a day, it appears, before making a big list.

* Douglas Sherwood, who works at Oni and lettered You Have Killed Me, has started a blog featuring drawings from the Full of Pryde night he is curating. Great art to be seen, including a piece by Barnaby Ward, who was linked to yesterday. Tram Ngo was saying she may do a piece, too. And, of course, there is Joëlle's:

I love Kitty, she is one of my favorite characters, but I totally crapped out in terms of coming up with a multimedia element of my own to add to the show--though I guess there is some time maybe. Doug did like my idea of making a papier mache Joss Whedon head on a pike. Readers of Astonishing X-Men will know why.

I'll be at the opening night party, regardless.

* Paul Pope shares with us his first page of Adam Strange.

You must go here and read Paul's explanation and click on "all sizes" to see this thing HUGE.

EDIT: We lost the black-and-white version, but how about that color one? Heh?

* And while we're sharing, a Chynna Clugston character design. (She doesn't allow the ganking of her images to be posted on other sites, the selfish beast!)

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