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Sunday, April 19, 2009


You Have Killed Me is in the final prep stages and heading off to the printer in the next couple of days. Once it has, we just sit back and wait.

In the meantime, Don MacPherson at Eye on Comics has weighed in with the first full-length review of the book, and he gives us an 8/10!

"Rich and Jones offer up an entertaining mystery story, but more importantly, they celebrate the culture of a bygone era with tributes to its film and fashion styles. Jones serves a number of roles for this film on paper, and one of them is as the costumer. She does a great job of convincing the audience of the genuine nature of the style of the time. The characters look the part, as do the settings...Just as Jones conveys how that 1939 flair would look, so does Rich’s script capture genuine yet entertaining beats that convey how it might sound. The way the characters banter back and forth, it’s almost lyrical. One can practically hear a meter and syncopation in the dialogue."

Read the full review here.

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