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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Several months and 70,000 words later and the first draft of the young adult novel To See the Lights, the sequel to Love the Way You Love, is done.

Done, done, done.

Too soon to suss out how I feel about it, as it has been a weird process with lots of turmoil surrounding the actual work, but I saw it through regardless of what happens next. It was sometimes weird to write, a little strange to see these characters in this new context; other times, it was as fateful as the regular mythology of this little romantic world. Thanks to Maryanne, Terry, Anna P., Steven E., Maribeth H., and Andrea A. for their early advice, and to Marc and Joëlle for listening and support, Natalie for inspiration, Nico for translating French and telling me how France smells, and Christopher for his snapshot of Polly Maggoo's.

Not sure when or how this one will come out. Publishing BP & MJ is currently a priority, and the book is now under the care of Brendan Deneen at FinePrint Literary (as are all my literary concerns, for any interested parties). After that is settled, Tristan and Isobel and the rest will be waiting.

In the meantime, the novel's playlist:

1. Gene - "To See the Lights"
2. Erasure - "Blue Savannah"
3. The Rolling Stones - "In Another Land"
4. Tony Johnson - "Stage Door"
5. The Who - "Girl's Eyes"
6. Twinkle - "Golden Lights"
7. Joe Dassin - "Les Champs-Élysées"
8. The Primitives - "Lead Me Astray"
9. Fiona Apple - "Sally's Song"
10. Mareva Galanter - "Miss U"
11. Taylor Swift - "Love Story"
12. The Divine Comedy - "A Lady of a Certain Age"
13. Lara Michell - "Love the Way You Love"

I think if you listen to those, you can put two and two together in regards to what the plot is concerned with.


Current Soundtrack: Joe Dassin; Leonard Cohen, Live in London

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