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Thursday, April 23, 2009


There seems to be a lot of exciting comics content being passed around the web right now, and though I am not normally a link-blog, fuck it. Let's link.

And I'll start with something of my own:

* Joëlle Jones shares the cover design for You Have Killed Me on her blog. This book is going to be so damn cool looking, you have no idea.

* Viz is bringing us the new Rumiko Takahashi comic while it's being serialized in Japan. The first chapter is up.

* Paul Pope is one of the most inspiring people in comics. In addition to the above, which he did for a French magazine, describing it as a parody of the French doing a parody of U.S. superheroes from the 1970s, he has also illustrated a short comic book prequel to the new Star Trek movie, published in this month's Wired and available on their website.

Paul is also part of the new DC Comics series Wednesday Comics, their cool summer event printed like a newspaper comic strip supplement, with 16 teams of creators doing 16 stories, one page an issue, published weekly for 12 weeks. (I think...) Though none of Paul's "Adam Strange" material has yet been shown, Mike Allred is working on "Metamorpho" with Neil Gaiman, and you can see one of their pages, as well as some others, at the DCU Blog.

While I'm at it, here's some Kyle Baker Hawkman for that, too.

And pictures of Mike and Jeff Smith reading a draft of Craig Thompson's new book. I've gotten to flip through his work on Habibi, too, and it's stunning. This beautiful comic is going to be a major, major work.

* Another of my favorite people, Matt Wagner, is sharing a forgotten story he did in collaboration with Harvey Kurtzman on his message board.

* Natalie Nourigat has her new mini A Room of One's Own up for purchase on Etsy. She also sells art there at stupidly cheap prices.

* Marc Ellerby also has new minis, including a third Ellerbisms and the debut of Chloe Noonan, Vampire Hunter.

* Last but not least, I really enjoyed Barnaby Ward's Sixteen Miles to Merrick's when I read the book version (buy it here), and he is now putting the main story online for all to read.

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