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Monday, September 07, 2009


Talk about comic book collaboration.

This is the first page of "Mr. Gum: Who Sell Out? You Sell Out!" It's written by me, penciled by Mike Allred, inked by Dave Johnson, and is to be colored by Laura Allred. All part of the second issue Liberty Comics, a 48-page one-shot where comics people of all different stripes come together to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. More details here.

Mr. Gum page 1 - for Liberty Comics #2

You can follow the link in the picture to see bigger versions. And yes, Madman will make a cameo.

And you saw that I said Dave Johnson, right? The Dave Johnson. The guy who did all those 100 Bullets covers. I still can't believe it.

By the way, I am editing the damn thing. It's almost to bed. Thank goodness. It hasn't gone entirely smoothly, but I am also a rusty old horse. Anthologies are rough beasts. I feel like a retired football player who after five years of sitting on his ass decided to come out of retirement for the Super Bowl. Yet, the two-minute warning is in, and I am going to win this thing yet!

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Subatomic Matt said...

Aw yeah!

Rusty beasts, nothin'. You got this! You're the best editor out there, boy!