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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here is another little tease of "Two Wheels, Two Feet," the short I am doing with Megan Levens. Some inked panels:

megan levens early inks-sample1

megan levens early inks-sample2

Megan will be coloring these herself, so some finer details are being left until that stage. The reason I'm not showing you the full pages is that there is a recurring visual motif that will also be laid in when she colors it (you can see the marker for that where the gray "noise" pattern creeps in).

The second sample is what we saw in the pencil stage, too.

Folks looking to hire a comics artist should get in touch with Ms Levens. Though, if you're a dirtbag, I'll likely tell her so, so have a good hard look in the mirror before going through with it. ;)

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1 comment:

Len N. Wallace said...

I like what I see here so much that I'm gonna try my hand with her and see if we can't work on something together.

Try not to be too mean when you talk about me behind my back.