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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Joëlle has a new gallery up at Comic Art Fans to promote the sale of her artwork. It features work from nearly all of our collaborations, as well as Token. Go here and check it out.

She's also updated her blog's "for sale" document to include pricing for all the available You Have Killed Me pages. Click this link to download.

Current Soundtrack: The Colourfield's second album, Deception, which I recently discovered could be purchased for download! I've owned it on cassette, currently own it on vinyl, but it's always been impossible to come by on CD. At last, it can go on my iPod! I'm excited. I'll even forgive them for getting the title of "From Dawn to Distraction" wrong.

Speaking of music...I'll be spinning digital ones and twos this Friday under the moniker DJ Icky Animal. Stay tuned for details...

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