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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Comics Should Be Good! at CBR has a new review of You Have Killed Me, which in itself is like a little homage to noir all on its own. I thought it was going to go one way, and then it goes another with a twist ending! Thank goodness. I was braced for a slaughter.

[Joëlle] Jones does a nice job contrasting the seediness of Mercer's life with the high society in which Jennie lives, as well as showing how innocent Mercer once was and the change in him from the past to the present. Again, this is standard noir stuff, but Jones brings it to life beautifully. As the book moves to its climax, her pencils get a bit rougher and a bit more frenzied, bringing the mood up to where it needs to be. The book doesn't turn into a horror show, but bodies do pile up a bit, and Jones is able to match the intensity of the narrative with her art.


Although, as I mentioned, in many ways this is a typical noir story, I tend to like noir stories, so I like this. In other ways, it rises above the typical noir story, and that might appeal to people who don't love noir. Either way, it has a nifty little mystery that has a good number of twists, and it features art by a rising star.

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