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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The fall is here and I am all bundled up inside my cave, and I swear, I've been working like a maniac. I have had a steady stream of freelance for Viz, Yen, and Tokyopop, as well as some other commercial work. But I've also been hard at work on a project I am doing with Kelley Seda. I am over the moon about that. My Seda fandom can't be overstated.

The theme song for the project has become Bobby Vinton's "I Remember You," which I can't find anywhere online, so I guess I'll have to share it myself. I don't know what caused me to pull out the Vinton comp I have while I was writing. I got it ages ago, out of a freebie pile when I worked at Dark Horse. I never listen to it, but for some reason, I decided to now, and it's been perfect for this weird little thing I am cooking up. Bobby Vinton, so blue and lonely.

Bobby Vinton - "I Remember You"

Also, this old Human League hit has been an inspiration:

Don't forget, Joëlle's Dr. Horrible issue is out today. The first reviews are really great.


And Comic Book Orange:

Current Soundtrack: Brett Anderson, Slow Attack

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Subatomic Matt said...

I kept expecting one of those people with their foot to be someone I'd know. Alas, just guys in sweaters.