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Monday, November 23, 2009


It's sweeps week on the Internet. Borrowing from that notion that the pre-Thanksgiving viewing in November is important and TV networks roll out big shows and pull stunts to get ratings, I guess web comics are also obliterating all the stops.

Hence: a Jamie S. Rich visit to EmiTown! (And, yes, I've had my shots.)

Bet Emi beats all of those other webcomics this week! Though, if Between Gears were up to date, Tally could have totally used me and told everyone about drunken phone calls...Apparently if you tweet about her, it freaks her out! It'd be the best comics crossover ever, where girls of the comics universe team up to destroy me.

Current Soundtrack: Luke Haines, Achtung Mutha

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1 comment:

Christian LeBlanc said...

This is a good post. EmiTown, Between Gears, and Luke Haines all rock.

Creatively speaking, I aspire to be as good with making my songs as those two are as good with making their comics. So, they're kinda inspirational that way.