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Thursday, November 19, 2009

You've compared your songwriting process to automatic writing. How integral is the synchronictous accident to songwritng?

It's a clear reflection of what's inside of you. This is why songwriting for the sake of writing is just feeble drivel. For me, it's just one great big internal traffic-jam. It's a conflict. I'm not remotely trying to make myself interesting to anyone...which is just as well...

Does dissection of one's own process kill the golden goose?

Yes. A lot of writers struggle to explain, and the ultimate truth is often hard to hear your own voice say. We're all convinced that no one struggles as much as we do ourselves. When you write a song and someone listens to it and says "what's it about?" it's very much like giving birth to a child and someone says to you "what IS it?" Everything must be clarified. It can't be allowed to just go one spinning along, and we always assume there's a bit left unexplained. And then you try to sound intelligent...and that's when the trouble starts....

-- Morrissey, March 2009

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