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Friday, November 27, 2009


Bleeding Cool began a...well, a bleeding cool feature yesterday. For Thanksgiving, they ran one exclusive peek an hour. Some kind of exclusive view into a comic, something unseen, be it an art tease or a sketch or what have you.

I went with the closest thing I have to a deleted scene from You Have Killed Me, a part of Mercer's voiceover. It's a flashback, one that never ended up fitting and maybe was also too literal. It would have been later in the book, somewhere in the final third, and I am sure I would have considered using it as dialogue, too, but it just never came up.

It begins like this:

The last night Julie and I were together--as a couple, I mean--isn’t one I like to think about too often. We were at a party together. We went to a lot of parties those days. That’s what kids our age and from our kind of families did...

Click through for the rest.

Thanks to Rich for letting me be a part of it! Be sure to dig through the other posts. There's some neat stuff on there.

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