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Thursday, January 28, 2010


The "I Just Read About That" blog complete their reviews of Love the Way You Love by covering the Side B collection today.

Some great bits from the end (and then more in the link):

"One thing that I didn’t mention in the first book, but which is here too: the front pages of the stories feature either the super silly and amusingly self-referential Penguin comic Polar Opposites (I enjoyed the one that jokes about the Oni Press rock band book (oh, Hopeless Savages? No. Oh, Scott Pilgrim? NO!) or wonderfully Kitten Stomp Future Dream biographies of the cast. They’re clever and funny.

Oh, and there’s a very positive gay romance in the story as well.

This was a great romantic story. And I enjoyed it from start to finish.

The same nice folks reviewed Side A just at the end of the last year.

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