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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Currently Unpublished:

- 2 complete prose novels, another half complete
- 3 complete graphic novels, another half written, one 1/4 written
- 1 additional graphic novel set for publication in 2011 (Spell Checkers vol. 2)

Assignments Waiting to Be Done:

- Two comic book short stories for two different venues
- 10 movies on DVD to watch and review (as of this moment...)

Current Freelancing:

- Regular assignments from three manga/manhwa publishers; regular assignments from one client not related to any kind of entertainment; possible future work for one local news-style blog

* * *

Either I'm really using my time well, or I'm wasting a ton of it. (This is not a democracy, so please refrain from voting on either option in the comments section; I'm easily annoyed.)

Current Soundtrack: The Verge, Voyager 1 EP, M.I.A. vs. A-Team theme, One Republic/Timbaland vs. Bronski Beat

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