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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The new Diamond Previews lands in stores today, and it features a double-page spread with the solicitation of the first issue of It Girl and the Atomics. We even got "Gem of the Month" status!

Check it out in the stores, and tell your comics retailer that you want to subscribe. Preordering is a big deal for a new series, and it never hurts to let your store owner know that you want something.

IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS #1 – GEM OF THE MONTHstory JAMIE S. RICHart MIKE NORTONcover MICHAEL & LAURA ALLREDAUGUST 832 PAGES / FC / E$2.99Fresh from the pages of Mike Allred’s MADMAN: Snap City’s favorite heroine is ready for her own crimefighting adventures! With the Atomics boys in outer space, it’s up to It Girl to keep the streets safe. Easier said than done: The Skunk, the man who murdered her sister, is out of jail and back to old tricks. Meanwhile, Dr. Flem has a brand new space-time experiment and wants It Girl to be his guinea pig!
Here is a special sneak preview of the early design work we are doing on the cover. I'm really pleased with how Crank! has been putting it all together.

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