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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


More Bobby Pins and Mary Janes art this week.

I asked Dan Christensen to consider doing an image from Integer City, the old comic book Parker is editing for a reprint edition. Dan and I are doing a weird crime book for Oni Press, and it just made sense to me that he'd tackle my fake sci-fi detective story.

He killed it. This is just a tease. Click through on the image to see the full reality of this.

This scene will all make sense when you read Friday's installment. It's a massive section, the longest I'll be releasing--though next week's will be the second longest. I know some might think I should draw it out longer, but I want people to get the story in satisfying chunks.

I hope you're keeping up with the blog in general. I posted some more Joëlle art this week, too, and I have a little more from her in the coming weeks. I tend to keep a lot of her work around (I can see two drawings by her as I type this, just by lifting my head) and I draw inspiration from just about everything she does. There would have been no Ryu in Valerie Flames if not for this random sketch on her long-dead, old website:

We're in the home stretch. I think we're essentially more than halfway through the book. It's been suggested to me that I create a tip jar. I feel weird about it, because free is free, right? Plus, what if I decide to Kickstart later or something?

But anyway, if you're enjoying the book, and you want to buy me a drink, then buy me a drink.

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