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Friday, May 11, 2012


We're three weeks in on Bobby Pins and Mary Janes. It's been cool getting the project out there, getting reactions, etc. There is always a feeling of unburdening when you publish. This stuff you've been carrying around for so long is finally going out into the world. It's not yours to fret over any longer.

If you haven't checked in yet, now is a good time. You can grab section 3 and all the rest and have a pretty good chunk of story in your hands.

You can also look through the archives of posts with links to my inspirations and stuff I reference in the story. More of that is to come. In fact, there are two posts going up this week that will give you a taste of some of what Parker and Mario are talking about. People always complain they don't know what my characters are on about when they read the novels; now you're part of the club!

We also had our first bit of fan art this week. Nicolas Hitori de drew this awesome picture of Valerie Flames and her trusty dog Henry. I'm beyond chuffed.

I'm only giving you a tease here, you have to go to the site to get the rest. Follow the link in the image.

I have more art in hand from Megan Levens and Dan Christensen that I'm going to time with specific posts. In the meantime, I hope more of you will take a shot at drawing some characters from Bobby Pins and Mary Janes!

But above all...keep reading!

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