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Sunday, May 13, 2012


I just hit schedule on the last bit of text for Bobby Pins and Mary Janes.

The book, for all intents and purposes, has been put to bed.

You don't know what a huge relief this is. Like a load has been lifted from my shoulders. Forget any idea of accomplishment, the best part is I no longer have to fret about being done on time. I no longer have to worry about making my weekly quota. No more proofreading. No more obsessing. I can sleep again, I can digest properly, I have surrendered this manuscript to the world. I can return to my normal life and focus on other work again.

At final count, the book is spread over eleven total posts and will end on July 6.

For the rest of the run, up through section 10, there will be an average of two extra posts a week, showcasing sidebar material and inspiration. Those are all loaded, too. Tuesday is my regular extra day, though expect surprises other days. Fridays will remain the update day for the text.

Don't forget to add the site to your RSS feeder. You only have three chapters to get caught up on so far. bobbypinsandmaryjanes.com

Now for a nap or something. Sadie, where are you? Get ready to cuddle!

Current Soundtrack: Mos Def, The New Danger

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