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Tuesday, April 01, 2003


In Powell's the other day, I picked up the big F. Scott Fitzgerald hardcover short story collection for $6.95. I have a lot of paperback collections, but never had the big book. Elin and I had been talking Fitzgerald and I suddenly desired to have this and keep it by my bed so I could read some stories whenever the whim struck. Maybe it will give me back my ability to actually write short stories, too, which seemed to be taken away by Cut My Hair.

While at Powell's, I visited the rare book room, just to see, and they had a copy of All The Sad Young Men, which I have always coveted. I think I wrote about it on the Oni board, as I was tracking some on eBay and they were selling for massively high prices. It was a title I was always jealous of, and it has "Winter Dreams," but it's not in print anymore, and that saddens me for some reason. This one was only $300 with no dust jacket. I held it in my hands, and it was lovely...but not to be right now.

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