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Monday, July 26, 2004


By the by, the philosophy behind the Lance Scott journal is this: Lance is the main character of The Everlasting, and the proprieter of the Confessions123.com site that is a false front for my site. I plan for him to be a recurring character, comparable to Roth's Nathan Zuckerman. In fictional time, The Everlasting ends four years ago, in 2000, so there is a Lance in and out of time, who is older than the Lance I am writing for the novel. He has only appeared in one more story, which I wrote a few months ago, and is currently only called "Hair is Love" because I can't come up with a title (it features Helene, who was mentioned in the journal today). The journal serves as a place to play around with his "present," to explore, experiment, whatever. It's not gospel, and anything I write in it may be discarded later as not part of the "official history."

I don't know why I wanted to clarify. I just did. Now I am going to start plowing through the CLAMP novel again, see what I can get done tonight. In terms of the original edition, I am on page 156 and there are 187 pages. I am close, I just want to have the first draft done.

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