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Friday, July 16, 2004


Yesterday I hung out with Laurenn McCubbin, Tristan Crane, and Michelle Tea, after completely missing the reading event for the book Rent Girl (which you should all buy) on Wednesday night. I arrived just as it was ending. I thought it was going to run later, and it was a hell of a bus ride. We went thrift shopping, and I didn't buy anything by way of clothes, but I did find Chynna's birthday present way in advance and picked up a copy of Zuckerman Bound.

All of which means I did no work yesterday, because I am a bad person. I will be getting on Gravitation 10's back half today, though, as I'd like to turn it in on Monday, completely clearing my manga decks through the end of August for the last of the CLAMP novels.

Weekend plans include re-watching one of my favorite films, the 1945 adaptation of Dorian Gray, after a long time of not having seen it. I want to sample one of the settings from it for The Everlasting, a seedy bar. It actually hearkens back to one of the scenes I had in the original Lance Scott novel when I was 17. I don't recall if I ever wrote that bit, though, or just planned it.

Writing on The Everlasting went really well this week. I made solid progress and I think have passed the halfway mark. Of course, given the nature of the story, I could get to the end, read it, and discover I have a meandering mess on my hands. But, the thing is to get a complete draft and then we'll see. It could need just a little bit of fine-tuning, or it could require a massive overhaul. We won't know until it's a Thing.

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