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Saturday, July 03, 2004


A couple of quick notes on various political things.

Go here to have a letter sent to your Congressmen to tell him you oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Also, stop by MediaMatters.org's page about the controversy surrounding Rush Dimbulb's program being broadcast over the Armed Forces Network and consider signing their petition urging Donald Rumsfeld (why is he still here?) to reconsider this very biased decision.

These sorts of things are the very least we can do when it comes to getting our voices heard, to being involved. It may not seem like much, but consider all the people who never say a word.

Writer Neal Shaffer posted a link in his blog to an article about Bill Cosby's speaking out for what he believes. All I can do is echo Neal's sentiment of feeling it's about time that people start talking again about actual ideas and quit worrying about offending allegedly delicate sensibilities. Toes aren't as fragile as we make them sound, and it won't break them to have them stepped on occassionally. The only problem I've found in writing provocative pieces on subjects I was opinionated about is that people don't want to give the time to think about what you are saying, and by that I mainly mean the people said opinions don't apply to. Like, when I read an article that says, for example, most people who download music are doing it to get free music with no intention of ever buying it, I don't get huffy and say, "Fuck that guy, I always buy the stuff I like that I've downloaded! The jerk!" I think, "Hmmmm, this doesn't apply to me, but interesting point of view." You'd be surprised by how many people don't, and I imagine Cosby is finding that out as part of the backlash.

Truth be told, though, the problems he brings up transcend race. Just about every community has similar issues of squandered education and willful ignorance--but then, others don't have the added sting of having had several preceding generations fighting for something better.

Finally, if you were as amused and baffled by the ad I linked to from George W. Bush's campaign that interspersed images of Hitler with those of prominent democrats, then you have to stop back by GWB's site and watch "The New War?" In it, we learn John Kerry is fighting the Yakuza and the point is illustrated by an offensive attempt at Japanese anime! I keep expecting someone to tell me this site is a joke and I've been duped. It's amazing.

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