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Friday, July 23, 2004


I've been working pretty heavy on the CLAMP novel for the past three days and I am around halfway through, which isn't bad. I think I am doing it at double the speed of The Everlasting. To keep my mind a bit more in proper gear during this go-around, I am trying to re-kickstart my fictional live journal again, keep Lance Scott an active member of the team. If you check it out, keep in mind that Lance is fictional, this is fiction. This little exercise has confused some readers. While some of the entries spin out of actual things, you'd be surprised at how insignificant the seeds are. So don't overthink the possibility that Lance's diary may be a thinly veiled version of mine.

Also, for those interested, I have added two Amazon lists to their database, one with the tail end of my Oni work and one with the first volumes of all my manga work (an idea knicked from KS).

Finally, seeing as this is an all-business post, I will be attending the 35th Annual Willamette Writers Conference in August as a guest. Start here to learn more.

And for those of you who also didn't go to San Diego, this year's lame button:

[For the record, this was my joke.]

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