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Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, after several sleepless nights and a rally cry to the Internet, most of which was still spending all its time giving lip-service to things they don't like rather than praising what they do, we created our own little slice of awesome here in the Love the Way You Love world.

And by "we" I mean me sitting back and watching Marc haul ass and recruit folks out there who took the time out of their own busy schedules making good comics to give us a hand. Big thanks to Sarah and Zach Trover, Steve Rolston, and Chynna Clugston for pitching in on the graytones. Seriously, what an awesome thing! And to Sophie for apparently pulling Marc off the window ledge.

What does this mean? It means Love the Way You Love #5 not only puts the book back on schedule, but it will be out for Marc and I to tear up Comic Con International next month (and then in stores most likely the week after, August 1). It's going to be Marc's first U.S. con, so the boy deserves to have a newly minted comic sitting in front of him at the Oni Booth.

And what can you expect to see?

Aren't you glad we cut your wait shorter?

(And, yes, that's two con debuts for me. Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? is also on track for the show. Barring acts of God, printing plants, and customs officials. Oh, and yes, Joëlle Jones will be there, too.)

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