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Monday, June 18, 2007


Karaoke watch!

Tonight, Mason West and I joined Eliza at the Green Room for some Sunday night karaoke to celebrate the end of Eliza's semester, and the fact that Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? is not yet uploaded to the printer (it was supposed to be to celebrate it being done, but alas...).

I took the opportunity to road test some new material, performing two Morrissey ("First of the Gang to Die" and "You Have Killed Me"), one Blur ("Charmless Man"), and one Jam ("A Town Called Malice"). Of those, "Malice" may become a regular, and "Killed Me" has potential. I wasn't prepared for the post-chorus bridges in "Charmless Man," and that messed up that performance.

Mason slayed all comers with the Strokes ("Reptilia"), Maroon 5 ("This Love"), Beck ("New Pollution"), and "Cuban Pete." I don't know who performed it first, but you might remember it as the Jim Carrey song in The Mask. It was awesome.

Eliza was slower to start, but delivered some "Copacabana" and Madonna's "Like A Prayer."

Special shout-outs to the bartender Trixie who could perform Journey, Julie Brown, and Public Enemy/Anthrax while still delivering drinks and food. Wireless mic'? No problem! Also, props to Catherine (or is it Katherine?) and Grant for joining us in chasing off creepy Assistant KJs. Catherine is also the queen of the room. She just rules.

Added props to Ian Shaughnessy for the best text message during karaoke. You need to learn to control your behavior, kid.

I had the Killers' "When You Were Young" on the request desk to close the night, but alas, time ran out. I did get to talk to one of my super video store crushes, though, so life has a funny way of balancing out. *le sigh* Too bad I was so f**king snookered. But, befitting the sentiment, the dude she was with wore a sports shirt with the number 2 on the back. That's right, buddy. Second place!

(And yes, I'm aware she may find this, but do I look scared to you?)

Current Soundtrack: Amy Winehouse, Back to Black ("It's not safe for us, not even in the evening, because I've been drinking...")

Current Mood: cuckoo

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Ian said...

I was celebrating that day we don't mention around you for you since you never do it! In style, too! The colors matched my outfit.

mcoale said...

I'd buy an extra copy of Horizon (since I'll be getting one anyway) if I could see you do Blur's "Parklife," complete with accent.

Jamie S. Rich said...

They had "Parklife," and it was considered. I thought it would be fun.

I'm still trying to find a place with Sinatra's "Can I Steal a Little Love."