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Friday, June 15, 2007


When I linked to the rumor about me being in the running for writing Spider-Man Loves Mary Jone earlier in the week, I knew I didn't have the gig. In fact, denizens of the Bendis Board knew that both myself and the other leading rumor candidate, Tom Beland, had said we had been turned down several weeks ago. Neither of us felt like correcting Rich Johnston because, as we all know from a book I edited, Fortune & Glory, Bullshit=Heat. While people were still speculating about the title, they might Google our names and find out what we were actually doing. Why stop them?

But now all is revealed: Terry Moore is taking over the title. He was one name that came up when we were all privately wondering who was left from the pool of girly-man writers. Andi Watson had been passed on, as well. So, who else? Terry Moore and that guy who writes Owly?

So, there you have it. Thanks to Jennifer Gruenwald and Mark Paniccia at Marvel for putting me in the running. Maybe next time? That Moore guy didn't even make it to the 100th issue on his Stranges in Paradise book. 90 issues? How unreliable! Call me when he blows it.

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mcoale said...

hard to complain about their choice, although I would have been curious to see you write MJ.

Travis said...

Lemme know when you get to write for Alpha Flight: Pillowfights.

steve said...

I've never read Strangers but have heard good things about it.